Back from Louisville

Hubby & I flew out Tuesday afternoon on a 1pm flight, got to Louisville around 4:30 and then caught a 2:15 flight back on Wednesday, putting us back here around 5:45.

Dr was happy with progress from hand therapy. Not happy about the incision area that still has open areas. After 6 weeks … well, that’s just not normal. Wants us to clean with hydrogen peroxide and cover with a light layer of zinc oxide. Keep covered with bandage.

Ok. That’s easy enough.

Come back in 6 weeks … try to stay and visit a little longer. The dr is always teasing us cuz we fly in & fly out … I guess he thinks we should try to make a little mini vacation out of it.

Anyways, flight there & back was the cheapest yet. $99 each way. Southwest. We were quite happy about that. Hotel (hampton inn is just blocks from the hospital) is $89 a night.

Car was free (courtesy from dh work – got to get a Sebring convertible this time).

Dinner out was $55 (used my vip visa giftcard), drinks at hotel bar was $55 – this was definitely much more than I planned on but dh started talking to someone from Orlando and they just got carried away.

 Breakfast, free at hotel. Lunch was spent at Cardinal something (it’s dedicated totally to the Louisville Cardinals, cool memorabilia) which ended up costing about $30 … only cuz we did the bowls of soup too since it was quite chilly out.

After lunch, we looked at tickets to confirm flight & realized it was later than we thought, by about an hour. So we agreed to go look for the Aldi’s that we found the first time there. We don’t have Aldi’s here in south florida so it’s kind of cool to us 🙂 Pull in parking lot, point out the shopping cart & tell dh that we can return it & get a quarter. He just looked at me strange. Then I told him that you ‘borrow’ with a quarter & when you return, you get the quarter back. He thought that was pretty funny. $11 later and a bunch of stuff shoved into the carry on bag, dh finally tells me that next time we should take a check bag so we can fill it up with other stuff. I mean, crumb. Milk was $2.39 whereas I pay $4.49 here! Geesh.

So that’s that.

Uneventful trip, except record heat when we got there and freezing cold rain (not freezing to freeze, but really cold!) when we left. Back to Florida with 82 and humid!


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