Christmas Boat Parade Party

We always do a big party for the Winterfest Boat Parade, but because of all the traveling back & forth to Louisville and the surgery, we had decided not to do it this year.

Well, 2 days before the day, looks like we will have about 20 people over.

I’ve made it quite clear to everyone that this is not a ‘party party’ per se, like we always do … more of a casual gathering.

In other words, no the big food spread, alchol and such. Plus, hubby has said he’d like to make it a early night.

I agree.

Here are the food things I’m looking at … trying to keep it from pantry & freezer to keep cost down:

spinach dip – have all ingredients already
smoked fish dip – dh makes this using canned tuna, have in pantry
snausages – smoked sausage in bbq sauce
spicy meatballs – have all, except may need to buy another can of rotel
stuffed shells – freezer (from the cooking span before we went to surgery)
summer sausage & cheese platter – picked up summer sausage @ aldis (2.99) and need to buy cheese
chili – girlfriend wants to make & bring
sweet & sour meatballs – another girlfriend wants to bring

I know there are some other things, just can’t remember what. So that’s that! I really hope it’s not a big deal. We have no christmas decorations out unless the kids want to put out the snowmen? 🙂

Frugal tip: use what you have in house, be creative when it comes to last minute gatherings. You don’t have to run to store & spend $100 to entertain.

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