Pantry Challenge and determined

to stick with it at least to the end of the MONTH!

Stopped by Publix this morning down the street from work.

1. Looking for a coupon book
2. Looking for more wine tag coupons ($1 off salad)
3. Wanted a banana (or 2) for the office

Didn’t find the coupon book …

Got me some more wine tags for $1 off bags of salad AND $1 off one avocado (!!!!)

Got me some coupons for $1 off pack of EXTRA gum and any cola (thinking dasani water bottles) …

AND picked up:

bag of coleslaw $1.49
one lonely Hess Avocado $1.49
2 bananas.

After my $2 off coupons, paid $1.41. Darn bananas cost almost as much as the coleslaw and avocado. Geesh, 69 cents per lb.

So … I’m good to go.

I want to make turkey, avocado, spinach paninis

Teriyaki Chicken Thighs and Sesame noodles , Chicken Cesar Salad, BBQ pork and coleslaw … but now thinking more like smoked beef and coleslaw, baked taters and broccoli and cheese soup. And … the rest of the pasta.

No particular order or day. Just what I have planned and on hand.

 Feel like you are in a rut on ideas for dinner? Hop on over to Menu Plan Monday to get a whole bunch of ideas (careful, you may change your menu!!)

2 thoughts on “Pantry Challenge and determined

  1. Okay…dumb question. I have heard of a lot of coupons, but what is a wine tag coupon? Is that a coupon you get when you buy a bottle of wine? The Teriyaki Chicken Thighs with sesame noodles sounds great!Have a great week!


  2. Yup, that's exactly what it is. Some do not require a wine purchase … if you can find the two ocean wine, there are tags for $1 off a bottle of wine OR $1 off a bag of salad (no wine purchase) … just be sure to grab the RIGHT one 🙂


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