Rocco Taco’s

My girlfriend celebrated her 49th birthday in February … we had a girls night for her and took her to a place in Boca called Rocco Taco’s. 

Unfortunately, it was the same weekend as Valentine’s Day so the place was mobbed, we stayed out too late, and drank too much. 

Oh. We ate too, but not as much (or early) as we should have …

The most memorable thing about the place (besides the WHITE PLATFORM shoes that Rocco puts on for the Tequila song??) … the mermaids. 

Look at them. They are just plain freaky. 

 The margaritas were good. We ordered by the pitcher. Lots of ice but nice and cold and went down pretty easily. Key thing was that it was way cheaper this way than individual drinks. 

The food was good. Not expensive at all as what you would expect. The guacamole is made tableside and really neat to watch (not to mention delicious … wish I hadn’t had so much to drink before that time, I really wanted to measure!) 

 I would go back. It stinks that it’s a little bit of a ride … but I think I’d do it.

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