Kitchen Gadgets

Yup, I’ve made it quite clear that I love kitchen gadgets. I try to go based on the recommendation of others just to save the “oooohhhh, it can do ALL that”. The Magic Bullet is a perfect example. Don’t get me wrong, I like the bullet, just not all that much!

So, today’s star is the Crockpot.

I can’t exactly remember HOW I acquired this ancient thing, but I do know it’s from my g/f Chatty and she didn’t have room in her little kitchen for extra stuff to be stored. So since she knew that I use crockpots all the time (especially during holiday parties!!) she gave it to me to hold on to. Oh, 5 or 6 years ago. 🙂

I have 3 other ones. Well, 4 actually. But 2 of them are the little tiny ones which I’m not fond of all as there is not a temperature control.

But here’s what I made for dinner all day long on Saturday:BBQ Pork. Tossed in two small roast that were onion marinated (still frozen) that I had picked up awhile ago on markdown, covered, set on low and let it cook. After about 6 hours, pulled them out, sliced thick, tossed back in crockpot with a little bbq sauce and let cook another 1 1/2 hours or so. It fell apart pretty well at that point. Served it on those pepperidge farm thin deli bun thingys (got on sale) with my free cheddar cheese slices and topped with additional bbq sauce.

We had this again on Sunday, same exact way (leftovers) only this time I caramelized 2 large onions to top the sandwiches with and ohhhh….this was delicious!! The leftovers at that time went into the freezer for a later quick dinner or lunch!

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