It’s 69 degrees this morning at 5:30am. This is GREAT news as I think we may finally (please, oh please) have broken out of the 110% humidity and 95 degree days … I am begging someone somewhere (Ma’ Nature, you listening??) that this is true.

The kitties don’t want to come in after I let them out in the morning.

I need to get the garden geared up now that it’s finally cooling off at night (heck, we’d still be 84 degrees at 11pm). That means I need to turn the dirt, add fertilizer, get rid of snails, etc (and no, I decided against the earth box, although I may try to make one following these directions).

We need to get the screens and windows cleaned so we can start opening the windows in the morning (I may have just jinxed the weather by committing to this!!)

We’ve also had some pretty stiff winds and HIGH tides …

(photo from

This was Las Olas Blvd yesterday morning on my way to work. Overflow from the canals. Folks, salt water, NOT good for the undercarriage of your car.

They said it was ankle deep, but I saw one of the cars come off the side street and he was pushing water up into the grill of his car.

Ocean is rough, so glad we got to go boating on Saturday.

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