Vain stuff, aka beauty supplies and secrets

So I’ve broken down and went ahead and ordered something from Amazon.

It’s not costing me a penny since I’m using my swagbucks redeemed points along with my fedex reward points … I prefer to use the points to get the amazon gift cards. Simple.

The number one IRK I DO have is that there is shipping cost. I know there’s a way around that but I don’t have the patience to dig into it and find out how. All I know is that the merchandize doesn’t come from Amazon, therefore, didn’t qualify for the free shipping.

So, what did I buy?

Something to hopefully make me feel prettier.

Ole Henriksen Ultra Eye Lift gel (night time). Yeah, I was flipping through the People magazine recently. Why do you ask?

$38.00. Regardless of WHERE you buy it. I could have went to the Sephora store in the mall and paid that much for it WITHOUT shipping, but I would have had to pay sales tax, which, actually, would have cost $2.28, less than the $4.99 I paid but then I also would have had to dig into my OWN pocket … FYI – I’ve never stepped foot inside the Sephora store, I just can’t justify $50.00 or more for mascara, Maybelline anyone?

So, does this put me in the “vain” category? Hardly. Honestly. This would be the FIRST time I’ve bought something of this nature. I’ll keep you posted (was even thinking of a daily photo journal to compare … excuse me while I hum the Carly Simon song ….

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