Dishwashing issues

I admit it, I’d much rather wash dishes by HAND (gasp) then use my dishwasher. For years, I didn’t have a dishwasher and just could not wait for the day … then when we renovated the house 11 years ago, I got one.

Hmmm. It’s not all that and more after all …

It’s a GE Profile brand. From day one I’ve had gripes with it.

Didn’t dry totally, even on heated dry and hot rinse.

Didn’t seem to really clean dishes.

There was always water standing in the bottom of the tub, which just didn’t seem “right”.

So I’ve called the service people several times all those years ago. And they just told me that is the way it is.

Ok. Not quite like that. 🙂

But, they suggested that I turn up my hot water heater. Hmmm. I thought 120 was the recommended temperature.

They suggested that I wipe and rinse my dishes before loading. Hmmm….that would be pretty much the same as HAND WASHING, wouldn’t it?

They suggested that I dry the tub out if it bothered me, that it was normal like that. Hmmm. Ok, may as well dry those dishes too while I’m at it.

So, regardless. I use the dishwasher maybe once a week. Of course, on days like Saturday, where I have the Roccos Tacos Grand Opening, Canyons Prickly Pear meeting and the Dive Bar pirate finale, the dishwasher receives EVERYTHING for ease and comfort.

So look at this. Funny, I just noticed it …

WTH. Of course, those dishes are already put away and probably reused and rewashed BY HAND yet again. But seriously. Do you think the dishes were CLEAN after that?

I went to the website of Finnish and researched. Heh. Just like the service people.

…found my FINISH tab in the detergent dispenser:  The dispenser may not be functioning properly. If the problem continues you may need to call your local approved dishwasher service engineer for assistance.
Sometimes the dispenser cup may be damp or water may get into the dispenser before it opens. This causes the tablet to start dissolving before the cup opens and the tab sticks there…

Great, so now, I get to rinse and wipe dishes before loading, make sure the dispenser cup is dried out after loading said dishes. Then wait for the heated dry to finish, open up, dry dishes AND dry tub.

You betcha.

*Just a little sidenote: I normally would buy the liquid stuff but picked up these tabs at Costco not too long ago … I had noticed that it also looked like the gelly stuff was leaving a streak behind also, like it wasn’t being fully washed out. It may be time to call the service people in yet again :(*

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