Tackling an unpleasant task

We don’t really do spring cleaning in my neck of the woods.

Could be because of the fact that spring is pretty much like summer, fall and winter here …

Or maybe, because I am a known procrastinator?

Take my closet floor for an example. It’s been on my To Do List for oh….about 6 months? Yeah, I *tidy* it up a little but really, not a whole lot LEAVES the closet floor, just gets rearranged into another, somewhat neater pile. Raise your hands and nod your head if you know exactly what I mean!

Hey, Where’s GMan?
Coupon basket, overflowing, which 99% of them are expired, you think?

So there you have it. And lo and behold, I found a CAT in all that stuff (do you see the cat? He’s real good at camouflaging!)

I set the timer for 15 minutes and told myself this was it. Just do it for 15 minutes. Whats done is done, the rest will have to wait.

LOOK!!!! I had 3 minutes left too!

I had 3 bags of stuff to the yard sale pile (happening this weekend, thankfully) and a few things to the trash (my favorite Gucci bag was one of them …) So go ahead. Look at the worse task you have there and just tackle it for 15 minutes. Knowing that you can NOT spend the next 3 hours doing it really does motivate you right along!

Of course, I still have more to do in there but heck, at least I can walk in there and the CAT has been located.

*Just an FYI – no, he was not dead…Princess thought for sure he was … doh. He’s alive and well, eating all the food and dirtying up the litterbox, don’t you worry none about him!

Linking up over at We Are That Family Works for Me Wendesday … this week is spring cleaning!

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1 thought on “Tackling an unpleasant task

  1. I feel your pain about tasks that seem overwhelming but then don't take nearly as long as you thought they would! I have been putting off cleaning the garage for months! It looked terrible and it seemed as ifit would be an eight hour job. Finally, the boyfriend went in yesterday and had it all cleaned within an hour…and he is not a cleaner! I was both impressed and mortified that I had put a chore off for so long that wasn't really that bad!


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