Bypassing the drive thru

I’m not so much of a drive thru kind of gal AFTER work, but rather, BEFORE work.

Yes, I LOVE my BK breakfast croissant with the hashbrowns and coke. Make me scream with happiness!

However, the fat content is really out of control (I know that) and the quality really isn’t always that great (cold, soggy, chewy) … and well, it’s also $4.45!

Knowing that this my downfall, I’ve devised ways to offset the urge to whip the steering wheel to the right, cutting off the car in the outside lane to make a spontaneous stop at the drive thru. Ummm, are they ever really planned? 🙂

For about $1.05 and roughly 5 minutes of my time, I can have this:

and to really make me happy, I use my favorite snapware:

Sure, it’s not as healthy as the oatmeal, but definately takes care of the drive thru urge!

And then everything is just DUCKY

Linking up with Life As Mom Frugal Fridays … this is my FAVORITE link parade … so come on over and check out all the others! FYI – this week is about preparing for tough economic times … something I should probably look into a little further 🙂

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