Lazy Days of Summer

Uhhh, school is officially out for Sonny Boy which means the next big step is college. Wow.

But first, we have SUMMER!

I love Summer.

Kitty Kitty loves Summer too I think.

It stays lighter much later at night.

It gets lighter much earlier in the morning (yeah for me since I get up EARLY).

The pool is finally warm again. Ok, I know some of you think I’m nuts because I’m whining it’s only 83. Ummm, that’s cold by South Florida standards and NO ONE who lives here will go near it!

Boating weather is so much nicer (plus the ocean is warm as is Boca Lake).

Snowbirds and MOST tourist go back home. I have nothing against tourist, it’s just nice to get our places back to ourselves πŸ™‚ We will still get the European and South American groups in but nothing like the winter!

And we just spend so much more time outside. Eating out on the patio, grilling, floating in pool, wave runner, boat, beach, yard stuff … the list goes on forever!

I also think that we spend LESS money during the summer. Well, with the exception of gas for the boat and waverunner this year. But generally, because we are outside doing stuff, we don’t NEED to buy as much stuff … does that make sense? No fancy foody things as grilling hot dogs or brats after a day in the pool is just perfect.

Yeah, we have a few drawbacks to summer: mosquitoes, hurricanes, lightning, HEAT and such, but that is small stuff in the big picture πŸ™‚

So how about it, you happy Summer is just about kicking in?

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1 thought on “Lazy Days of Summer

  1. What a big time this is for you as you prepare to send one off to college! We have family in Naples and they are always happy when snow birds head home so things aren't so crowded. Happy Summer!!!!


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