Easy Summer Dinner

I live in South Florida and we pretty much grill all year long. Except of course, when there’s a hurricane coming (we do that like the DAY the warning comes out to cook up all the meat ‘just in case’) … but I guess because we both grew up in the Midwest, Summertime definitely equates to more grillin’.

Lately, it seems every Friday, I am making the same thing, which is not to be confused with the same ‘old’ thing … because most of us (ahem, with the exception of one boy) enjoy it and we eat it all up.

Chicken and grilled veggies.

Specifically, boneless, skinless chicken thighs AND onions, peppers and mushrooms.

Uh huh.

And if I’m really on top of my game, I go for the skewers … because everything taste better on a stick, don’t you agree?

Oh wait, do we need a recipe? Really? Ok. Here it is:

Boneless skinless chicken thighs, cut into about 2 inch pieces
Handful of mini sweet peppers, sliced in 3 pieces (cuz they are small)
Onion, cut in 2 inch pieces
Skewers (wood ones need to be soaked in water for 30 plus minutes to prevent burning)
Seasoning of choice – currently I’m hooked on this stuff that I picked up at Whole Foods a while back (it’s lasted a while, thankfully!)

Season the meat. Drizzle a little of olive oil on the veggies and season, mix up.
Skewer (if using), alternating meat and veggies. Just try to remember that some things take longer than others, so I wouldn’t necessarily use squash with chicken thighs, you know? If you do, just put them on separate skewers. IF you are not using skewers, just take one of them grilling grates and toss the veggies in that. OR if you don’t have that, you can lay the veggies on the grill, it’s just way time consuming to flip them and try to rescue from slipping into the fire 🙂 … I know this from experience!
Heat grill and cook.
Take a picture.
Frugal? You bet! I’ve always got the chicken and the veggies on hand … and heck, you can substitute whatever veggies you wanted! Just a matter of remembering to pull the chicken from the freezer in the morning ::excuse me, I’ll be right back::
What is your favorite, fast and painless thing to toss on the grill?

Linking up with Frugal Friday!

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