BBQ Smoked Pork Shoulder

We’ve got a pretty cool charcoal grill, but still use the gas one 90% of the time.

Why? Well, because the charcoal grill takes so much more work, and quite honestly, neither of us have mastered the fine art yet 🙂

But recently, Hubby was given a recipe and specific instructions on how to smoke a pork shoulder. By a guy who does competition BBQ. And baby, the results were stellar!

First up, I had to finally invest in a “chimney”. Can I tell you how stupid I felt afterwards for putting it off for so long? This took about 50% of the hassle out of cooking on charcoal.

So we kept the fires stoked (is that the correct term?) to maintain an even 250 degrees..

Resisted the urge to peek too much to see the status
And let all the smoke out (we kept adding hickory chunks, not chips)

And just wait it out for about 7 hours.

And reap the benefits of showing patience and good humor (we had a few close calls!)

We used Texas style toast (bread that is extra thick cut) and drizzled olive oil over both sides and toasted on the grill … to die for!

‘Recipe’ is as follows:

1 pork shoulder with bone in (a butt and a picnic are both the shoulder, we did the butt)
1 container of pork rub (I used McCormicks but Hubby said next time he’d make his own)
2 containers of pork marinade (such as Stubbys) (Hubby made his own with apple cider vinegar, oil and a few other mystery spices)

Day before you are ready to cook, rub the pork all over well with a generous amount of rub. Lay it either in a pan OR on a large piece of foil.

Mop with marinade well. Cover or wrap tightly and put in fridge.
Next day, bring it out of fridge while your coals get fired up (put coals on one side of grill so you get the indirect heat cooking). Mop some more marinade all over pork as you want to keep it moist.

Once coals are ready put pork on opposite side of grill from the heat. Whenever you add more coals or wood, just mop it generously with the marinade.

Allow to cook for about an hour and a half and flip it over, mopping yet again (see a pattern here?)

Allow to cook until the bone pulls easy when tug on with tongs. This took us a LONG time but it was SO worth it!

Once cooked, shred with two forks, and serve up with favorite BBQ sauce!

Have you ever tried to slow cook – smoke a big hunk of meat?

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