Koozie, Coozie, Huggies, Whatever

We live in South Florida. It’s HOT 85% of the time.

We boat. It’s HOT 95% of the time. What? You sayin I’m a wimp for not boating when it’s 60 degrees? Uh uh.

We float in the pool, the ocean, and ONCE, in the intercoastal.

We sit on the dock, on the patio, in the garage and ONCE on the roof.

And we almost ALWAYS have a refreshing beverage of some sort in our hand, be it a water bottle, soda, ice tea, beer or other adult beverage.

And we LIKE to have our beverages refreshing, which is why they are always in a Koozie.

I’ve got cheesy ones (“My Toys Are Bigger Than Your Toys”) and then I have some that I continually inquire where they came from (“Adolph Towing”). 

I’ve got ones that I paid decent cash for (Key West many many years ago).

Some zip (for bottles). Some don’t.

Some are circular, foamy things with bottoms that have the worse habit of busting loose taking your beverage container right out the bottom when picked up.

Others are collapsible, and excellent for tossing in your handbag or back pocket when doing the Bar Hop, or in some cases, Boat Hop.

But regardless, to be a good Host or Hostess here in South Florida, you gotta have them to offer up at gatherings.

I suppose you could say I have a collection of them. I consider them to be a small frugal investment. Heck, beer ain’t cheap nowadays you know, and NO ONE can suck down a warm beer ::shudder:: nor would I expect them to!

I’ve got mine in a large wicker basket, in the guest kitchen, above the refrigerator.

And most guest that come frequently know exactly where to find them if they aren’t outside on the patio. Which is part of the reason there is NO dust on top of THAT refrigerator 🙂

What do you call them? And which do you prefer?
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