Pantry Inventory

I’ve only gotten the corner lazy susan area and the ONE canned shelf done. All I can say is I have A LOT of tomatoes, sauces, diced, whole, etc. Therefore, I am making red sauce this morning to have an italian feast this evening.

Ready? Here is everything on the counter to be categorized …

And here is what was found:

leaf spinach x 4
new potatoes x 8
whole corn x 4
french cut green beans x 3
cut green beans x 1
garbanzo chickpeas x 4
cannellini beans x 4
black beans x 9
chili beans x 1
canned chili x 5 (hot dog)
rotel tomatoes x 10
pizza sauce x 1
crushed tomatoes x 1
diced tomatoes x 7
whole tomatoes x 1
red sauce x 2
mushrooms x 5
sauerkraut x 2

And here it is, all nice and neat …

I also discovered a recipe which I’m assuming must have come about the last time I did inventory since it’s for black beans and rotel tomatoes …

And hey, not so unhealthy according to this

And then we moved on over to the main pantry and tackled ONE shelf:

Like I said, I’ve got a LOT of tomatoes … and they apparently are not in one spot of the kitchen.

and everything has to go on the counter …

to be categorized …
Here’s the shelf BEFORE …

And here’s what I found:
Progresso soup x 9
cream of onion soup x 3
chicken noodle soup x 3
tomato soup x 3
large tomato soup x 2
cream of mushroom soup x 1
ravioli x 1
large can diced tomatoes x 1
large can crushed tomatoes x1
large can whole plum tomatoes x 1
diced tomatoes x 19 (yes, you read that right)
8 oz tomato sauce x 12 9
tomato paste x 3 2
sweet potatoes/yams x 1
clams in white wine sauce x 1
water chestnuts x 1
large can chicken x 7
small (individual) cans chicken x 3
large enchilada sauce x 1
enchilada sauce x 4
jarred salsa x 4
jarred guacamole x 1
green chilies x 3
refried beans x 2
Mandarin orange slices x 3
chunk pineapple x 1
peach halves x 1
sliced mangos x 2
large pear halves x 1
green olives x 1
large pouch albacore tuna x 7
small pouch albacore tuna x 1
canned tuna x 1 (really? that’s all??)
large jar sweet roasted peppers x 1

And look at it now, a little more organized

Um, I did toss away a few things. Large, as in Costco size bag of dried cranberries. That broke my heart. I can’t believe I had them that long …

Ok, not sure what’s up with the picture, but it says September 2008. Yeah. A long time ago.
Also a few jars of fruit (cloudy and not pleasing to the eye, even though only 6 months past date), some hard taco shells, and a few misc. items that I have no idea where they came from …

I moved some stuff to another shelf (bread crumbs, rice, etc.) and hopefully when I do those shelves, there will be room and nothing else to add to THIS list 🙂

How are you doing on the pantry challenge? Have you done inventory yet?

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