Line Drying – South Florida style

When we first moved here all those years ago (mid 80’s) there was this funny contraption off to the side of the house. One single pole up the center and then it opened up like an umbrella. Who would have thought it was a collapsible clothes line.

Of course, no one ever used it, nor did any of the other homeowners who had one in their yard. These were set up back in the late 50’s when the homes were built, and line drying was just what you did.

Nowdays, a lot of people would like to line dry, mostly because they realize the expense of clothes drying. How I wish I hadn’t had it ripped out when we renovated the house years later.

I go back and forth on line drying. Certain items almost always get hung to dry. Mostly my work clothes. Which is why I’m very picky on letting the Animals do the laundry. Never fails 🙂 (not to mention, they leave them in the dryer which is my major pet peeve!)

Lately though, I’ve started to use my clothes rack more frequently. Summer time is here and the electric bill is steadily rising.

But I can’t really hang stuff outside to dry. It’s humid, has a tendency to give a quick shower on the breeze, it’s hot, we have birds (um, no, Kitty Kitty has not killed them all off yet), and the sun would just fade anything besides white right out.

Normally, I run the clothes in the dryer for about 15 minutes to take the major dampness out and then I do this:

I set up my four clothes racks in the guest room. Heck, if I don’t have any guest staying in here, might as well use it for this purpose, where the clothes are not in the middle of the living areas, you know?

This is 2 loads of clothes.

Quite a few pairs of jeans too.  I can hang these on a mid afternoon Saturday and come Sunday morning, they are mostly dry, and fresh smelling too.  We keep our house at 76 and that particular room is very very chilly so that probably speeds up the drying time. I love these racks since they fold up fairly flat and can be stored under the bed when not in use.  I’ve been through a few of these over the years (after Hurricane Wilma, I had to replace ALL of them since we used them outside all the time for towels and such when we had no power for almost 3 weeks) …

Another good thing about line drying? Wrinkles are almost non-existent. Hubby’s work pants come out a little stiff but that’s ok because there are NO wrinkles! Which means no ironing. That definitely works for me!

Do you line dry clothes or not?

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2 thoughts on “Line Drying – South Florida style

  1. I line dry!! I had my husband put two laundry lines in our laundry room, and then I have two drying racks. Our dehumidifier is in there, so that helps a lot. I'm in Michigan, so we have like 3 days a year that aren't snowing, raining, or just humid 🙂


  2. OMG…reading this, I was confused. I thought this might be one of my pieces. Besides totally doing what you do, I write with the same scarcasm. You are awesome, and yes I totally agree! I also live in FL, Sarasota…and use the sun/weather to my advantage! Yes, we do not need the heat, but that AC bill can be expensive, the less electricity aka dryer we use is soooooo helpful!


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