Nachos – Meal Worthy (with ground chicken)!

I love nachos.  Just toss some tortilla chips on a plate, top with a little shredded cheese, nuke for 45 seconds and viola! Instant snack!

Even better, toss on some of the fresh tomato stuff with a little dab of sour cream and it’s a glorified snack!

My Ordinary, Snack Style Nachos (because I forgot to take a picture last night!)

But a snack is just…well, a snack.  I can’t really serve it up at 6:30 and call it dinner, can I? Ok, between you and me (and the whole bloggy network) I have … but shhh, don’t tell no one.

So. To take it one step further and make it meal worthy, you gotta toss some other things in there!

Taco meat (I had ground chicken already seasoned and cooked in the freezer)
Chips (tortilla)
Tomato Stuff (fresh is best but jarred works in a pinch)
Sour Cream (which I’m OUT OF due the pantry challenge)
Shredded Lettuce
And any other taco topping you normally like

Lay chips out on a microwave plate.

Sprinkle with taco meat. However much you’d like. FYI – I heated the meat up a little because it came straight from the fridge and was still a little frozen.

Then top with some cheese. Again, however much you’d like (I used pepper jack since the cheddar seems to be MIA thanks to the Pantry Challenge).

Nuke in the microwave for about 45 seconds til cheese is melted. Make sure you are using a microwave proof plate (um, perhaps I should say that in the beginning of the directions?).

Once cheese is melted, top with some lettuce, tomatoes stuff and dab with sour cream.

Serve it up with a fork along side! Enjoy!

Linking up with Tasty Tuesday (be sure that you read the post for this week’s linkup … it’s very moving and makes me even more motivated to STOP whining about the cheese and sour cream issues at hand)

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1 thought on “Nachos – Meal Worthy (with ground chicken)!

  1. These sound SO good! I LOVE me some nachos too! 🙂


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