I love Costco. But hate dealing with the super sized packages.

So here’s what I do ….

Downsize. And you probably thought I was talking about moving into a smaller house and getting smaller cars, huh? Nahhh, not yet. Actually, thinking about that causes me major anxiety!

So lets take this gigantic bag of Muscle Milk Protein Powder. Great deal at Costco by the way, if you drink them! I’ve got chocolate and vanilla …

They are annoying bags, and hold the air in no matter what you do … of course, as you try to squeeze the air out, you inhale delightfully scented vanilla and chocolate dust. Not necessarily a good thing, you know?

Grab yourself a couple of containers that are sized appropriately to:

a. fit in your pantry easily
b. has opening large enough to be scoopable
c. has large enough space to WRITE what it is with directions

I can buy a 6 pack of these for $2.99 from Gordens Food Service

And fill em’ up.


If you are lucky like me, you will have a spot that you can stash the bags that still have powder in them. OR you can fill two or three containers each. Me, I like to do one container at a time, and then when the bag is finally empty, that’s when I know it’s time to buy more. Of course, when you do a Pantry Challenge, you can NOT replenish something that is non-essential as this 🙂

Um, I have not tackled these shelves for the pantry challenge yet … suppose I should get on that huh?

Linking up with Works For Me Wednesday … because it really DOES work for me!

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1 thought on “Downsizing

  1. I do this with some of my bulk items, too. But on some things (such as the 4lb bag of brown sugar) I just dump the whole thing in a container!


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