Bangin Shrimp

I have so many recipes bookmarked to try that I’ve started making folders for the months to try because I KNOW I can’t really try more than 5 or 6 a month, let alone 30+!

This one is from the the month of June, which means I added it in May! But hey, I finally got around to trying it … and luckily I had EVERYTHING in house except the Sweet Chili Sauce. No biggie, it was like $1.89 (couldn’t find the Thai Kitchen brand…what I get for going to some obsolete store) …

So. Wanna know what we thought? It was good. Flavorful. But I’m not a fan of iceburg lettuce and next time I will use shredded romaine and maybe add some spinach too? I of course, try to follow directions, but apparently I have an issue with that.

I even wrote down the list of ingredients

…. and had it sitting on the counter. I also had the site loaded.

Somehow, I missed that I was suppose to coat the shrimp in cornstarch and fry in a little oil.

Ummm, I boiled mine (rather, steamed them). When I went and read the directions to find out what the heck I was to do with the cornstarch and oil I was like, OOPS.

So here’s what I did….

1lb shrimp (I had to peel and devein … I do both the top and the underside deveining)
5 tbs plus the scrapping of the jar since it was empty (added: MAYO. Doh.)
3 tbs sweet chili sauce, and an extra pour because it looked mayo-y
1 tsp of Sriracha sauce (plus more for Hubby’s plate)

3/4 head of shredded iceburg lettuce
2 handfuls of shredded coleslaw mix
Thin sliced green onions (greeny part) … to suit my taste

So. Like I said, I boiled/steamed my shrimp. Then to cool them down and stop them from cooking, I put ice over the top of them.

While they cooked, I mixed the mayo, chili sauce and hot sauce in a bowl.

Divy up the lettuce and coleslaw mix on plates.

Drain shrimp and add to the saucey stuff. Coat well.

Top the lettuce/coleslaw with shrimp and top that with pretty sliced green onions.


Ok. So Hubby really liked the flavors of the shrimp but would prefer that they be served over something else. I agree. I just don’t like the watery taste of iceburg lettuce …

I will make it again. And this time I will coat the raw shrimp in corn starch and fry up in a little oil!

Linking up with Beauty and Bedlam’s Tasty Tuesday! You should check out her post today, pretty inspiring, yet again 🙂

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