Conserving …. Coffee

I LOVE my morning cup of Joe … and really, it’s not a good day if I don’t start out with the coffee in the  morning.

But have you seen the price of it lately? OMG!

I don’t drink Folgers/Maxwell House … but I also do NOT demand Starbucks either.

I prefer Dunkin Donuts. Which you may as well put in the category of Starbucks when it comes to buying the beans.

So, I settle. For Seattle Best. Or Eight O’Clock (which is pretty good) …

And a small 10 oz bag cost something like $7.99 now. Holy Smokes Batman! Coupons have been a little hard to come by, or then the sales are hard to come by. The never seem to coinside any longer.

So, I’ve had to make some modifications to my morning routine.

Instead of using 5 1/2 scoops to make an ‘8’ cup pot, I use 4 scoops to make a ‘6’ cup pot. And actually, it’s working out better in the end.

See, the 8 cup would always leave a little leftover at the end of the morning. And since this household adheres to the NO FOOD NO DRINKS in the vehicle (ahem, seriously) I was always bummed to dump it out.

Yeah, I’ve saved it for ice coffee and such. But personally, I do NOT like iced coffee. The only thing I’ve found leftover coffee to be good for is steak marinade (shush, it’s a secret!) and as we don’t eat steak DAILY, it’s wasted quite often.

So by doing the 6 cup, I pour the pot EMPTY (even shake it sometimes in frustration) and figure I’m getting an extra pot worth of scoops every week.

Uh huh. That works for me. Linking up to Frugal Fridays!

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1 thought on “Conserving …. Coffee

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