Whole Foods – NOT so Frugal

Raise your hand if you already knew this? I DO and I still go there.

I had that Living Social deal where you paid $10 for a $20 gift card dodaddy thing. So I figured, heck, I won’t buy much because I just can’t justify the cost of alot of the stuff.

Yeah. So much for that theory anymore. Uggg… Browsing gets me in trouble every time.

3.63lbs of Honey Crisp apples … been reading about these and since my boss was on this apple and peanut butter kick at the office lately, thought I would contribute … de. LIC. ious! OMG. If you haven’t tried them, you should. They are the BEST! $1.99 lb (organic!) and $7.22 total. I so see myself going back to buy more next week YIKES.

Special sausage of week was chicken spicy italian, got 6 for $5.94 (this is how I try to introduce Hubby to new options)

1 thing of green onions (the garden ones are wimpy so these will be planted) $1.49
baby carrots, organic (the last ones were super sweet) $1.99 for a 1 lb bag
pkg of snow peas $2.30
3 limes at 59 cents each $1.77
4 pk of hess avocados FREE because I was joking around with the produce dude about the price ($4.99)
1.77 lb banana at 69 cents/lb (same as Publix but these look better) $1.22
bunch of cilantro (pretty) $2.69 (uh huh, I know), the bottoms (roots) are already chopped off and planted in the garden to compare to the following item
1 potted cilantro herb $4.99 (I want to see what grows better, the 4 healthy roots I cut off or this thing)
Sartori basil & olive oil cheese (to die for!) $9.11
Dalamatia fig spread $5.99
domestic brie 60% $2.99
jarlsberg lite cheese wedge $2.20
amadeus cheese wedge $2.80
NY flatbread with everything $5.99 (um, these are crackers, I did NOT know they cost that much til just now, wth)
1.99 lbs of heirloom tomatoes at $4.99 lb for $total of $9.93. Holey cow. $10 for 4 tomatoes? I am taking the seeds and starting them to grow in the garden this winter (our planting season). I need to research how to preserve them as I’m sure there will be ALOT there.
Grand total was $68.62
Less the $20 gift card total was $48.62.

I had an embarrassing moment though at the end. My debit card wouldn’t go through and I was soooo embarrassed. Omg. I guess I didn’t remember that the gym dues come out that day AND my deposit from the previous day had NOT cleared (um, $400 vs $20 available really stinks) … as the bank reminded me, deposits are only cleared and available of what you have to match. Guess it’s been so long since I’ve had to ‘worry’ about cleared funds … Ugg. Fortunately I had cash to pay but still.

So, anyways, way more expensive than I like. The cheese, fig spread, tomatoes and crackers are for what I hope to be a convincing moment for Hubby to do something different and take a walk over to the ocean, spread a blanket and sit on the sand one evening for a romantic evening of doing something DIFFERENT.  I so wanted to tote it as a FREE EVENING, but obviously, it’s going to be expensive (toss in a bottle of wine) … so I will leave that out and just say different 🙂

OH … there is a new store being built down the road from here. Fresh Market. I’m so excited as everyone compares it to Whole Foods as being BETTER and less pricier. That would be nice!

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