Philly Cheesesteak – Sort Of

Hubby LOVES his philly cheesesteaks … and whenever he goes to Philadelphia for business, he ALWAYS makes sure to stop at Pats and at Genos … said that they are both worth the trip.

In our recent foraging of the freezers, he pulled out a bag of “shredded beef” from … February 2010. We were going to toss it but then opened it up and smelled and O M G it was so yummy smelling. So he heated a small amount in the microwave and asked if I remembered how I had made it.

Ummm…crockpot? A few seasonings? Tomatoes (I think those red things are tomatoes. Maybe they are red peppers?) … the answer was no.

We decided to stay in on Wednesday evening instead of our usual night out so Hubby could finish his TV/Surround Sound project and I made Philly Cheesesteaks using that beef.

Here’s the ‘recipe’ (trust me, the only authentic thing is the whiz):

Shredded Beef, cooked. I let mine simmer in beef broth to make it juicy as that’s part of the allure

Cheesewhiz. Yeah. That jar of yellow weird stuff.

Nuke in microwave bowl in 15 second intervals until pourable

French bread. I managed to find baguette size, 3 to a pk for $1.29. Offset the $4 jar of cheesewiz (which we didn’t use but half) Slice bread in half but not all the way.

Slather some butter on the cut sides and place butter side down in hot pan to toast. Flip over and toast the unbuttered side just a little.

Place a generous amount of beef on the toasted bread. Pour over some cheesewhiz. Close sandwich, squish a little (authentic) and serve.

I can’t believe I ate the whole entire sandwich! I really need to try and find HOW I made that beef!

It has been sort of fun at times to pull stuff out of the freezer and discover something we had completely forgetten about … yeah, some stuff has gotten tossed, and I hate that I wasted something, but then other stuff like this happens and it’s like, wohoo!

1 thought on “Philly Cheesesteak – Sort Of

  1. That looks great!I forgot about Cheez Whiz!They're still making that stuff?!!


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