Another Whole Food Stop

It’s not like I need food or anything …. I just bought another 10 lbs of chicken breast, 2 tbone steaks, 2 lbs of shrimp and alot of veggies the other day.

But I came across this recipe and dang it … I have ONE lonely onion in the house (don’t ask, onions have not been looking healthy in the store lately, plus they cost a lot more than they used to)… so anyways, you know I don’t normally buy ingredients SPECIFICALLY for a recipe …

BUT THIS one …

It’s for a crockpot.

It’s Soup!

It’s my all time favorite type of soup.

It’s French Onion Soup. In a crockpot!

So, yeah, I needed sweet onions.

And some Gruyere cheese.

And some LOW sodium Beef Broth (never mind that it says “beef flavored”, need to look at ingredients … its only 140mg sodium)

So yeah. I stopped at Whole Foods.

And got some nice looking spinach, 2 lemons and 2 limes, and a big container of stonybrook yogurt. And 2 pizzas. For Princess.

I was under $30 until I spied the pizzas for $5.29 each. So I snagged 2 and that put me over $40. Drats.

Obviously NOT linking this up to Frugal Fridays but maybe NEXT week we will have a crockpot french onion soup recipe to share!

1 thought on “Another Whole Food Stop

  1. I got those wonderful shrimps today too! They were delicious! Never noticed beef flavored broth…wth?


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