Costco, Oh How I love Costco!

I’ve tried really really really hard to go to Costco with a list and a specific amount of money dedicated to just that trip.

Trust me, it isn’t easy. But for the most part, I do ok.

So my list this time around has been accumulating for, oh, about 3 to 4 weeks. And of course, we had the little coupon book which is probably what really prompted my list.

I stuck with the list pretty darn well. A few things I said no thanks on as yes, like everything else, the prices have gone up. The carnation instant breakfast is now $9.99 a box (30) and granted, that’s still 1/3 less than the store, it was not justifiable in this trip (I think I paid somewhere around $7 last time?)

And of course, as you wander walk the aisles looking for that item on your list, you spot other things, like the basmati rice, in a 2 serving bowl, that’s ready in TWO MINUTES! Um, yeah. 6 pk for $7.99. And I got 2.

My cashier’s name was Kia. I had a very difficult time not having fun with her and the reference to the SOUL Hamsters =D. Yeah, I’m odd like that (it’s called humor, I believe??). She was funny regardless so she probably would have went along with it.

Ok, here we go:

Basmati rice bowls $7.99 each x 2
canned shrooms $7.49 (about 50 cents a can)
2 large bottles of lemon juice $5.79
2 pk nutella $8.99 less $  coupon
crumbled bacon $9.99 (whoa, this got pricey)
8 pk bumblebee albacore tuna $13.89 (ok, I would have sworn this was to have been cheaper … tempted to go back and look. It’s why I didn’t grab the Costco stuff like normal)
bag of Ruffles (big bag) $5.29
bag of tortilla chips $4.89
B/S chicken thighs ($1.99 lb) $15.60
B/S chicken thighs ($1.99 lb) $16.32
large container cottage cheese $4.99
5 pk bacon (I think it’s 5, I need to check) $11.99 (again, another pricier item!)
36 pk water $3.75 (we were still watching Rina at this time)
100 paper plates (or more?) $14.49 less $3.20
6 pk (32 oz each) organic chicken stock $10.89
346 count bath wipes $14.99
4 pk toothpaste (large tubes) $12.99
14 ct bath soap $14.49
quart size freezer bags $9.99
black forest ham $5.27
honey roasted turkey breast $7.58
honey roasted turkey breast $7.74
4 lbs frozen organic brocolli $5.99
90 ct mega red vitamins $18.99
5 lbs of frozen stirfry veggie $7.29
6 ct romaine lettuce $3.99
string cheese $9.99
4 lb butter $8.99
mini peppers $4.49
half & half $1.79 x 2
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.49 (umm, another notable price increase)

then I had coupons, and none of the items say what they are for, except the bath soap:

$2.50 off Nutella
$3.00 off  Dove
$4.00 off Colgate
$5.00 off Mega Red
$3.00 off Cottonelle wipes

Grand total? $274.51. I’m bummed as the calculator put me around $250 but a few things I may have rounded down and I was not sure of the toothpaste. Plus the tuna is about $4 more than I thought too.

So. I would say I’m set for a while.

But you know how that is. Publix has some decent deals this week =D …. oh geesh. How am I ever going to incorporate my new 2012 plan??

Do you shop Costco? And is there a method you use?

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