Menu Plan Monday – Using What I Have

It’s Monday, again and at last.

We had a busy weekend around here with the weather being a little cooler and the breeze blowing a little stronger. Hubby cleaned the exterior of the house and screens and I mopped the whole inside of house AND planted my garden, AT LAST. See, here in South Florida, late October signals gardening season … and with the little cool front that came through, it gave me and my neighbor the motivation to go shop for plants! We did that Sunday morning and by 2pm our gardens were set up and ready to go. I still have to plant the lettuce seeds in the starter boxes but that’s ok. *My neighbor, who is like my close to home Mom, is currently undergoing radiation and chemo so this is, hopefully, good therapy for her. She’s trying so hard to be strong and independent that it breaks my heart {sob}*.

So back to the Plan … nothing too exciting going on this week, except it’s 2 more weeks til we head out for the holiday. I’d like to stick with a reduce spending plan but we shall see … it’s also getting to the home stretch for the Year of Zero … and keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep the attitude!

I’m going to try and stay OUT of the store, with the exception of lettuce, cat food and milk, for the whole week until Saturday OR Sunday, maybe even into NEXT week. I’ve got a $3 off $30 coupon and granted, some good deals to be had at the moment at the store, I really don’t need anything more. The coupon is good until the 15th of the month so I’ve got another week.

So again, back to the Plan (why, no, I don’t think I have a problem with staying on task. Why do you ask?)

Sunday – Chili (hubby made) with dinner franks (massive hot dogs, freezer and from Costco)

Monday – Stirfy (veggies in freezer) with chicken (fridge) with a side of rice (pantry)

Tuesday – Chicken (freezer) with broccoli (fridge) (both of us will be home a little later than normal from working out). Seriously considering tossing a WHOLE body in the crockpot and letting it do its thing.

Wednesday – Date Night (under $40) for Hubby and I. Not sure where we will go and may even try to convince him to stay in … either way, I still want chinese.

Thursday – Soup (leftovers hopefully) and salad (chili if any left, otherwise I will toss something easy together)

Friday – Grillin and chillin night … chops (freezer) and veggies (fridge) (bumped a few times, still have them in the freezer)

Saturday – Ranch steaks (freezer) with taters (pantry)

It should also be noted that we are in the season where people start coming back down (snowbirds) and other friends (who split time here and elsewhere) so we increase our likelihood of guest for dinner during the weekends (generally Friday and Saturday) … so these plans can be changed or even just DROPPED at the last minute!

Got a plan for the week? Hop on  over to Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday and link up with hundreds of others!

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