Menu Plan Monday – Using It Up

We will be heading out next week for a visit with the family … so excited about that (and a little apprehensive as Sonny Boy is flying out of Orlando and I have to drive back to the airport to pick him up on Tuesday evening) … so I need to stay focused and use up what we have in the fridge and such …

Sunday – Kashi frozen pizzas (got them for $4 a piece) and small garden salad on side. Wanted to make some ciabatta bread to go too but that seems a little excessive.

Monday – chicken and broccoli (using the philly cream cheese stuff) with pasta

Tuesday – chef salad

Wednesday – normally our night out but I think we will be staying in … if so, I’d like to suggest stirfry or something (3 weeks now?)

Thursday – Going to have to be another salad IF there is salad stuff left over still. If not, I’ll do the corn/black beans/chicken salad stuff (quesidillas??)

Friday – hoping to toss a chicken in the crockpot and maybe some mashed potatoes to go along with it?

Saturday – Ahhh….I’m betting any money we will get together with some friends. If so, I will contribute a cheese and smoked summer sausage platter with crackers … only because I KNOW that I will have this on hand!

I wouldn’t normally toss another Sunday on the list but since we leave on Monday, I am … leftovers OR soup and sandwiches … whatever I have that needs to be used up. Somehow, I think I will hear hubby saying something about “nothing to eat in the house” which ALWAYS makes me laugh 🙂

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