Modifying a Smoothie

Well, I say modifying it but it could also be relayed as making it better?

I have a few of those Yoplait smoothie things in the freezer from when I picked them up for $1 a bag … they are good and all but really, not as healthy as I’d like to think. They were to be for the kids, but for whatever reason, they didn’t dig into them as much as I thought (perhaps its the fact that it calls for 1 cup of milk??)

So in my efforts to use what we have on hand this week (week 2 and not doing so very bad) I made a smoothie for my breakfast this morning (no bagels OR sausage patties left for my favorite breakfast sandwiches) …

1/2 cup of 2% milk
3 tbs non fat instant powder milk
1/2 cup water
1 bag of Yoplait smoothie
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 1/2 tbs ground flax seed
Put all in blender and let it rip til smooth. (used the Cuisinart because I gave the bullet to Sonny Boy for his apt).

Pretty tasty. I think next time though I will do the oatmeal and flax seed FIRST in the blender to make it powdery THEN add the remaining ingredients. I suppose I could even just do 6 tbs of milk powder and 1 cup of water next time too.

*The reason I did the half milk and half reconstituted stuff is basically to conserve the milk. Milk is costing around $3.75 a gallon around here and we still go through 2 gallons a week so I’m trying to use the powdered stuff where I can because I have like 8 packets (each packet makes a quart but I don’t mix it in that amount, I’m the only one who’s using it)

*The reason I did the ground flax seed is because I HAVE some and I just read that omega 3 fatty acids help against inflammation. And as you know, I have issues with this so it’s kind of a trial and error thing at this point. Also, contains a LOT of fiber and getting to the age where fiber is GOOD for me.

Linking up with GCC Recipe Swap (been awhile since I’ve visited there … forgot how fun it can be!)

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