Close Your Eyes and Just DO IT

Heh. Yeah. I went for it.

Regardless of the WTF factor, I’m gonna do this.


Shaving Cream

Warm water and towels.

30 minutes of my valuable, precious time.

Yeah. I did it.

Can’t be any worse than the last manicure/pedicure I had.

The outcome? Not so bad.

Shaving cream was the Schick Hydro stuff and I probably was not generous enough with it.

I measured 1 cup of listerine and 1 cup of warm water and mixed in a medium size bowl.

Then used two washcloths.

Sat and read magazines for 30 minutes.

Gave gentle scrub then rinsed well in tub. Dried and then applied coconut oil. Put on socks and still pretty hours later.

I will do it again next Sunday as I still have lots of listerine/water mix going on. But here’s what I’ll do different:

Use lots and lots of shaving cream. Toss the washcloths in the microwave to warm them up after I wring them out. My feet got pretty chilly sitting there.

Did it ‘cure’ the cracked heels?

No. It didn’t. I don’t think anything will, short of shaving off the dead skin.

But it DID make my feet softer and some of the dead skin came off … I mean, no matter what you used, if you wrapped your feet in a damp towel for 30 minutes, I think it would soften the skin enough to remove.

This could fit in with Rule #10!

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