Menu Plan Monday – So Good To Be Home

After being away from the castle for 6 days, I’m glad to be home again.

Princess flies out again in the morning back to the midwest to see some friends in from overseas on leave. It’s kind of cool as it’s a few people that she trained with in Arizona … Should have made life easier for her and changed her ticket to just fly straight to where she’s going instead of Florida then back up … oh well.

So of course, I’m SO very motivated to get back in the kitchen and cook, cook, COOK. Plus getting ready for the holidays and the BIG EVENT (no, that link is not for Christmas!) … apprehensive? Anxiety? Excitement. All of those emotions!

I’m still trying to avoid any major grocery shops, trying to clear stuff out and bring in new, fresh stuff that is more health-minded and less processed.

So here’s what we have planned for the week …

Sunday – ummm, hmmm. Left over Giordanos pizza that we took on the plane with us from Chicago. Seriously … yummy.

Monday – Raunchy Chicken (ranch chicken) in the crockpot … gonna be a long day at the office (chicken in freezer rest in pantry … 2 other ingredients!) Adding a side of Green Beans just for kicks!

Tuesday – salad stuff baby, gotta get back in the groove. This evening we are having Cobb Salad. Sent Hubby to the store today to replenish the salad supply (he came home with ICEBERG lettuce …) and need to dig around for some lunchmeat in the freezers … know I have some in there!

Wednesday – our usual night out however we may just stay in as the expense from last week was high. Again, thinking of chinese which has NOT happened yet. I’ve got stuff in the freezer to make just about anything, I’d think!

Thursday – the first day of December! And I’m opting for soup even though we are still experiencing summer like weather … soup of the day? Why Potato Soup of course … just because the original looks so yummy … will have to stop and get hashbrowns (I have a coupon) but have the rest of the stuff. So hoping this is as good as it looks …

Friday – most likely getting together with some friends … thinking appetizers like shrimp cocktails, cheese and crackers and spread, maybe some hot spinach dip in the mini crockpot. I have shrimp in freezer, cheese in fridge, crackers in pantry, I can make the spread and spinach stuff in freezer and pantry.

Saturday – we will be having our neighborhood garage sale today … I’ve got a couple of porterhouse steaks in the freezer that I think I’ll pull out and make a mushroom and blue cheese sauce to go over … yummm … if I could just find that recipe I had loaned to a friend years ago … if I did this, I’d need blue cheese … so maybe I’ll hold off as that’s a little pricey.

2 crockpot meals in one week with a 3rd proposed appetizer? I’m going for it! I’ve got 3 large ones and 2 small mini ones so why not?

What are you planning on making this week?? Hop on over and check out what 100’s of other bloggers are cooking up at Menu Plan Monday.

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