Menu Plan Monday – Slim Pickins

Hubby is traveling Monday, Tuesday and gets back late on Wednesday.

Sonny Boy’s 19th birthday is Monday. Not that it ‘matters’ so to speak as he’s in Orlando and I’m not. Just telling you.

Princess is 21 on Thursday. Where did the 21 years go?? I am meeting her and a girlfriend of mine for the yummy prickly pear margaritas at Canyons. It’s time for her to be introduced to the chicks top pick.

So it’s really a limited ‘cooking’ week for me! I had taken shrimp out on Sunday morning anticipating making Bangin Shrimp but we ended up trying out a new wing place after picking up the Christmas tree (we need to get wings for the Boat Parade Party this weekend … our old place is closed). Since it was late (like 4’ish) we just skipped dinner so to speak.

I will have to hit Costco this week one night after work. Need to get foods for the party, and I also want to get milk, cream, 1/2 and 1/2, lettuce, and a few other things (lunchmeat, carnation, tuna, salsa, etc.) … I’m figuring about $300 total which is causing me slight anxiety. I need to shop very carefully as I don’t want it to be that much but would like this to be a big shop for the remainder of the month … plus Sonny Boy will be home in a week or so …

Sunday – easy night as we just had chicken wings at 4ish and it held us over. Hubby did cave in and ate the rest of the eggnog ice cream that’s been hiding in the freezer at about 8.

Monday – I will need to make the shrimp, thinking of bangin good shrimp since it’s a whole pound for ME to eat. Yikes.

Tuesday – leftover shrimp and hopefully a salad will be tossed in.

Wednesday – I’d like to make the raunchy chicken again for Hubby and that will tide us over for the next two days lunches since he’s back home. He gets home LATE so rather than fussing in the kitchen at 11pm, it will be ready for him to eat already.

Thursday – Princess and I at Canyons and then we will meet Hubby at Il Mulinos next door. I can bet she will order Chicken Piccatta.

Friday – going to have to be something with minimal work. Quite seriously, thinking of sandwiches because today, tonight and tomorrow will be all about prep for party.

Saturday – big list of foods: Italian Beef, Snausages, Artichoke/Spinach Dip, Bacon wrapped water chestnuts, Spicy meatballs, Macaroni and cheese tray, Lasagna tray, Hot wings tray, (the trays will be premade, store bought, I’m not superwoman, you know?), carrots and celery with blue cheese and ranch dressing, assorted olives, chips and dip, chips and salsa, cookies, someone will bring jalepeno cream cheese wrap things (what ARE they called?), another will bring me brownies, another will probably bring a HUGE mexican type dip and whatever else anyone brings!

We love the boat parade and it’s generally our BIG party of the year. I’m thinking possibly 30 or so guest which is about average (we’ve had 70 plus which was just too many people) and as little as 10 before. Either way, it works for me and makes us happy.

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1 thought on “Menu Plan Monday – Slim Pickins

  1. I must say, \”raunchy chicken\” got my attention fast. Happy cooking!


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