Take 10 – Quick – Inventory Top Pantry

I gave myself 15 minutes (instead of the usual 10) to see just what I had in the pantry. Only the top part which is where the majority of the ‘staples’ are kept.

Ummm. I probably should have done the bottom as I’m baking cookies this week and I’ve no real clue how much flour, sugar, etc. I have in there.


There were lots of gaps and little dug out holes from all the homemade stuff we’ve been cooking =D.

I see that I’m quite set on beef broth, but the chicken broth is getting low.

Beef Broth x 11
Chicken Broth x 3
Veggie Broth x 3


Then I have the powdered/cube stuff … dare I count?

2 veggies
2 beef
and 1 better than bouillon jar of chicken (organic).

I think I need to get crackin on some french onion soup which will be MY old standby recipe after the last one I made.

3 large cans of crushed tomatoes (time to make the red sauce!)

Lots of cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soups … I’ve come across a lot of GOOD recipes that use cream of whatever and I never have it on hand. So the last good sale I was lucky to have some excellent coupons, so I stocked up.

Pasta is looking a little slim … I should watch for a sale as I got Sonny Boy a microwave pasta maker for Christmas (the garage sale, bought it from my neighbor) …

Boxed taters are looking slim too which is OK with me … they have lots of unnecessary processed stuff in them anyways … same with the rice mixes.

I do have tons of rice though. And thinking I need to start incorporating rice into our menu plan. Even with all the headlines about arsenic. Uggg. Just scare us away, why don’t you? (btw, this is WHY I don’t watch The Doctors … everything out there is trying to KILL US).

I have a few cans of fruit.11 cans of tuna. 4 cans of chicken. Tuna is actually on the list from Costco. Just because we eat tuna fairly frequently.

Lots of diced tomatoes. Need to get crackin on those too! I’m thinking pizza sauce but need to make pizzas which would require me to buy mozzarella cheese. Hmmm. Chicken and ranch pizza? Oh. That doesn’t take tomato style sauce. (Oddly enough, I don’t have ANY ranch dressing?)

A few big cans of enchilada sauce and quite a bit of refried beans. One lonely jar of salsa (which I’ve not been able to get the lid off when I’m craving my nachos, so it goes back in the pantry and I don’t make nachos. Sort of works for me?). Thinking I could make enchiladas when Sonny Boy is here. Oh…with some mexican rice perhaps?? Tacos should be added to the menu soon too as it’s been awhile. I’m thinking oh yummm, taco salad!

I’ve got some lasagna noodles and really starting to lean towards maybe making the lasagna for Saturday night using the Pioneer Woman’s recipe as it is AWESOME! I suppose I should check the noodles for them friends that occasionally take up residence. This, of course, side tracked me as I had to run to look in the 2 freezers. No ground turkey or ground beef. Scratched off the lasagna from Costco list and added ground beef/ground turkey (both or one or the other??)

One lonely can of white clam sauce. I think I will make Hubby a special dinner on January 1st of pasta with white clam sauce as that’s his all time favorite.

This was a GOOD exercise for me as it brought to mind a few things that I haven’t made in a while that I should make very soon! Woohoo….

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