A Shopping Trip

To Costco!

Yeah, I figured I may as well do it and be done. There were a few things I was getting low on and actually had a VERY detailed list. Left the tp and the papertowel, along with the hamburger behind as those 3 items would have cost me an additional $60. WTH?

Prices have increased at Costco. And the products have changed. Used to be able to buy a quart of half and half for $1.49, then it went to $1.79. Now it’s a half gallon at $3.99. Heh. Same with cream, half gallon for like $6 or so. Like, crumb!

I went back and forth on even finishing the shopping trip as my brother sent me a text message to tell me that he had my mom taken to the hospital by ambulance. IF you knew my mom, you would know this is serious as she’s very, very overweight and would no way go to the hospital, let alone in an ambulance. I’m worried still this morning waiting for a decent hour to call her and speak with her directly. We think internal bleeding and liver issues have kicked in (all within 24 hours). Any and all thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.

So, after waffling back and forth, I finished the trip. Stuck with the list and even omitted a few things (due to the price and the necessity of item).

Here’s what I got:
10 lb bag of onions $6.49
2 lb bag of mini peppers $4.49
6 pk romaine $4.29
2 lb fresh garlic $3.99
4 pk (6.75 lb) 93% lean ground turkey $15.41
honey roasted turkey lunchmeat $7.34
black forest ham $5.97
honey roasted turkey $8.30
black forest ham $5.97
5 lb shredded mozz $11.99
5 lb shredded cheddar $13.99
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.69
28 oz bag of Ruffles $5.29 (a 9.5 oz bag is $4.49 in the store)
Whole grain crackers (gluten free, hope they taste good) $7.59
2 72 count petite quiche (Nancys) $12.69 less $3.25 each
2 48 count mini veggie egg rolls $8.99 less $3.00 each
12 pk (cans) chicken broth $8.19 less $2.25
30 pk carnation $9.89 (whoa, this got expensive!)
200 count garbage bags $13.49 (I priced garbage bags at store recently, they got expensive too!)
6 pk garden delight pasta $3.97
48 count string cheese $9.89
1.25 lbs cooked, crumbled bacon $9.99
3 pk digiornos pizza $13.49 less $3.50
5 lb bag of limes $4.99
5 lb bag of lemons $7.59
2 3 lb containers cottage cheese $4.99
4 lbs bacon $12.99
1/2 gallon half and half $3.29
3 lb tub of sour cream $4.39
24 oz kraft parm cheese $6.89
palmolive dish soap $7.99 less $2.00
2 pk pam spray $6.89
2 4 lb unsalted butter sticks $8.49 each
olive oil $9.99
5 lbs beefsteak tomatoes $6.99

Grand total? $297.18 (I had $300). Paid $190 in cash and the balance on debit card.

So what did I leave off?
Keurig coffee ($35 or so)
TP ($18)
Paper towel ($19)
Water bottles ($6)
mac and cheese tray
cheese slices
frozen ravioli
sirloin steaks (for Italian beef)

I have plenty of food and this should really tide me over to at least the first week of January, even with party and all. Hopefully I won’t be traveling to Indiana.

Do you shop at Costco?

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1 thought on “A Shopping Trip

  1. I shop at Sam's Club in Coral Springs, and I've seen the same thing happen. No matter how we try to save on things, it just doesn't happen no matter where we shop! How do people 'make it' in this day and age?!


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