Menu Plan Monday … Heading in to the Holidays!

I lost the past two weeks of menu planning due to the unexpected happening. I’m also having a difficult time in that it’s the final week to Christmas. I’ve not gotten ANYTHING yet. Panic is starting to set in. The good news? I’ve got a list and I’m sticking with it. Things will be slimmer than years past due to the lack of time (and planning), the lack of funds (amazing what unexpected happenings can do to your savings account) and also, because I’m ready for my next Big Adventure … this is just leading up to it =D

Sonny Boy is home, as are all the other Boys that hang out (members of the band) and Princess is thrilled that some of her friends are in too, so I’m guessing a few nights may have more than the usual people eating dinner …

I’m still trying to be resourceful (still) in using what I have on hand … my big adventure is almost starting  2 weeks early. With all the stuff that I bought from Costco still in the fridges, we will be eating fairly well, I expect.

So, with all that spelled out, here’s what the plan is for the week:

Sunday – Chicken Parmesan with a salad (olivegardeny dressing) and garlic bread

Monday – Potato Soup and salad. If the kids are so inclined, they can have a sandwich too … I want to show Sonny Boy and his girlfriend how EASY this is to make and that THEY can make this once they go back to school (no, they don’t live together but rotate back and forth between apartments for dinners)

Tuesday – Raunchy chicken with mashed taters. Quite certain that I will have at least 2 teens/mini adults to feed in addition to the rest of us. Sonny Boy doesn’t eat fowl but his girlfriend might like this for her and the roomies.

Wednesday – Hubby’s old friend is coming in town for the night so we will make italian beef  along with a pasta salad to fill in.

Thursday – Leftovers … whatever is remaining! I’m sort of, kind of leaning towards making an enchilada dish since I have a few bookmarked to try but this will depend on the leftover situation.

Friday – I’ve still got the steaks in the freezer, and think I will be pulling them out. OR I could just save the enchiladas for tonight. Although it is Christmas weekend … I don’t know at this point if I’m working just a half day or if at all, same for Monday coming up …

Saturday – as horrible as it may be, we have a Christmas Eve tradition in that we all get McDonalds to go and eat it at home. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ve not grown out of it since Christmas will be a little bittersweet for all of us this year.

Linking up with Organizing Junkie Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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