Menu Plan Monday – last week of the year

At last, we are finally coming to the end of 2011. Yes, that makes me pretty darn happy for quite a few reasons …

So here we are, heading in to the last week … and I think I’m going to keep the menu plan simple and use up what we have on hand … still want to get to Costco, but may just hold out til the end of the week, if not even in to the NEW YEAR which will sort of put a crimp in the budget plan for 2012.

So here’s where we are, December 26th (I didn’t post the menu for Sunday, it was Christmas and we had lasagna, garlic bread, fried cheese sticks, plenty of good wine and well, no consumable tap water).

Monday – leftovers, between lasagna and italian beef. Take your pick!

Tuesday – Going to try this baked shrimp scampi, making it a half recipe though. I believe I have everything on hand to make it (including wine).

Wednesday – Tacos (using ground turkey) … again, have everything on hand EXCEPT the shells, which I’m sure I have a taco kit in the pantry to scarf up the shells if necessary)

Thursday – Soup and sandwiches (grilled cheese and ham).

Friday – Hubby bought some mushrooms, so considering a chicken marsala dish

Saturday – New Years Eve … we will probably have a few friends over and take a cab down to Las Olas and A1A before midnight (although, I’d rather stay in) … will make an assortment of mini quiches, spinach dip, sliced sausage and cheese and crackers, a cracker spread, maybe some bread and a dipping sauce to go along …

Sunday will be the start of my exciting adventure … I’m fully psyched!

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