A Boy and His Burger

This is just to show you how, if you leave a 19 year old boy alone, he gets creative with his food … and declares that perhaps, he should become a chef (NO, DON’T DO IT!) …

It all started with the Juicy Lucy failure (cheese explosions do not bode well on a gas grill, lets just leave it at that). So then I had to remake new burgers (pulling out the cheese on the remaining raw burgers and re-patting out).

The kids (mini adults?), well, they were just very unhappy about that. I promised Juicy Lucys and they were now going to get plain ole 80/20 burgers? There was quite a bit of grumbling going on, trust me.

Luckily, Hubby was also frying up some frys (frie frie, frie frie, I’m gonna get me some frie fries!) and onion rings … and well, look what happens?

We all had a pretty big laugh and lasting joke about the disproportionate size of the bun to the burger (Where’s The Beef??)

I don’t suppose I need to worry too much about him making food to eat at college, huh? 
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