White Chili

Is it necessary to add the word “chicken” to White Chili? Just doesn’t roll very well … Chicken White Chili. White Chicken Chili (well, it IS white chicken) … Chili Chicken? Chicken Chili (that is white)? Eh. Whatever.

This recipe HAS chicken in it folks, in case you were wondering!

It’s also a rather spontaneous crockpot toss together (8am sharp Wednesday morning) and totally blew the menu plan out of the water for the day…which is fine.

White Chili (with Chicken!)

2 or 3 chicken breast, cooked and shredded (I just happened to have a LARGE bag in the freezer of Chicken Ropo Vieja that I grabbed a few big hunks out of)

Umm, yeah, that does say 03/2011

1 32oz carton of chicken broth (and half of a 2nd carton too if  you have, otherwise, water)
1 jalapeno pepper, diced fine
cumin (a generous shake or two, more)
dehydrated onions, same as above (or fresh if you have time which I didn’t)
2 cans of cannelloni beans, drained.

Guess how you do it? That’s right, dump it all in, turn on low and go to work for the day.

Field phone calls, text messages and emails asking what’s in the crockpot … answer how you see fit. Being I was busy, I couldn’t get too creative with my answers, so I simply said “White Chili like stuff”.

An old girlfriend gave this to me as she didn’t have room in her apt for such an appliance 🙂

Go home, stir up the contents, root around for shredded cheese and sour cream (surely there’s some left over from the holidays??) and dish up in some nice bowls.  Oh look, there’s some green onions too!

Yummy …

Point to the toppings and tell the gang to top as they wish as you stand by the sink, slurping off the spoon. Reach for some Franks Hot Sauce and give a liberal sprinkle of that too …

Yummm … perfect for the cold day we had!

Linking up with URS … come on over and see what else is there! Just for the record: Jessica is offering up Chocolate stuff today … what’s up with that?? It’s the New Year, Pantry Challenge at that AND she’s giving us chocolate??? I am NOT posting any chocolate recipes this month. None. =D

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