Showing a Little Respect

To your money.

I’m talking about them greenbacks you have floating around there, in your purse. Or maybe in the center counsel of your car. And the little coins? Those too.

See, Hubby drives me NUTS when he gets cash at the bank. There is a good 5 minutes put into the bills all facing the same way, all wrinkles and folds are smoothed out (the corners, OH the corners!) and THEN the money goes in his wallet, Just SO.

Arrrg. It’s annoying as all get out.

Only because he’s so ‘extreme’ on odd things like that.

However, don’t assume that means I think it’s ok for you to toss the money in your purse, or wad it up in your front pocket (or, heaven forbid the BACK pocket).

Lets show a little respect that we work so very hard for.

1. Always, always put your bills in one place, be it a wallet, zipper compartment, whatever, neatly. Keep the bills in order. That makes it much easier to keep TRACK of what you have. I fail at this from time to time, just dropping the change and receipt in my purse after checking out. Ummm, can I tell you how many times I’ve not located the receipt OR the bills that were folded up with it and just dropped ‘casually’ in the purse. No no no. Don’t do it!

2. Coins. Keep them or toss in a jar? I personally don’t keep them in my purse. They weigh it down way too much. Not to mention, I hate digging for them. So I have a jar that sits on the kitchen windowsill and gets emptied out when it’s full (just a small little 8 oz jelly jar). Hubby (the annoying one) only puts nickles and pennies in his LARGE jar and keeps the quarters and dimes (there’s a reason, but after 30+ years, I still don’t really know … maybe a flashback to payphones??) Whichever floats your boat, stick with it.

3.  IF you are using the envelope system, do NOT feel compelled to carry your whole months worth of grocery cash on you. Ummm…that is like waiting for a bad thing to happen, lose the envelope, lose the purse, SPEND it ::gasp:: … seriously. Only take what you need and tack on 10% more (keeps you accountable too).

4. Show a little love to them bills. Yes, it annoys me, but do get rid of the serious folds when you get the bills. This is CURRENCY … it’s suppose to buy you happiness. Show it some love. You don’t need to iron it (although I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Hubby has done that in the past, I know he’s washed some in the sink that was disgusting…I told you, he’s an odd duck sometimes), but do smooth it out.

5.  Show compassion when it’s time to hand it over. Are you really ready to part with Mr. Jackson at the drive through window, just because you don’t feel like cooking tonight? Really? I won’t even ask about Mr. Franklin with his 2 zeros …

In all seriousness, I think alot of people really do abuse money PHYSICALLY. Wadded up dollar bills, rolled up 20’s, people who write things on them (isn’t that illegal?) and so on. 

So how about YOU? Do you treat your money with respect?

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3 thoughts on “Showing a Little Respect

  1. I like the way you think! Great tips! I had to laugh, mu hubby does the same thing! Dont you just love odd ducks?


  2. Hmmmmm… this a male thing? Sometimes I purposely mix the bills up to get a rise out of my husband. Maybe I should not admit that LOL!


  3. Ohh you forgot the BOOB money!! Where I work we are a paystation for Progress-Energy (sister of FPL) and the boob money! ICKY Women just pull sweaty bundles of money out of their cups. YUCK!


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