Clutter Control … in the Dresser

It is true. Clutter CAN totally disrupt your life.

And I don’t just mean PAPER clutter.  I’ve got issues with clothes. Not necessarily buying them, but a lot of my girlfriends give me their stuff to go through and then I donate. 9 times out of 10, there will be some really CUTE stuff that is just a tad too snug, and I think, ah, I’ll lose a couple of pounds, so I stash it in a drawer or hang it in the far corner of the closet.

Yeah. Right. See that happening, do you? Not so much.

So lately, with the new classes I’m taking for exercise, I am spending WAY too much time trying to find a top that fits comfortably, is appropriate for jumping up and down, and not a complete mess with stains, tears, etc. You know how it is.

This morning, I said enough is enough. I pulled everything out of my shirt drawer and tossed them on the bed. Half the stuff isn’t even folded any more because I constantly shove stuff around in this drawer. So everything was touched. Picked up, held up, front and back reviewed and if I KNEW it was snug, I put it on the floor to go in the Goodwill bag.

Yes, I did it. Then I moved over to the yoga pant drawer and did the SAME exact thing.

I feel liberated. I am so tempted to just do it to all my drawers but ah, this was a good start, 2 of the 6 drawers … next up? Socks and swimsuits … oh no. That will be hard. I have, no kidding, probably 8 to 10 suits … and not a one of them looks good on my at the moment (pale, fluffy, you know?) … so I may just wait til like May or so to do that.

How often do YOU purge your clothing?

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