Groceries for the Week

Yeah, I know, I said I was going to stay out of the stores as I didn’t really need anything.

Then I had a very specific list to stick to and $75 cash in my envelope. Yes. I even scratched things off the list because it was going to have me over by a few bucks.

So what happened? I’m not sure.

Friday was fine. Got out of work 30 minutes early so drove south to Penn Dutch. Ummm, had boneless skinless chicken breast (15 lbs) and bananas on there. Easy, $25 maximum and out. So convinced of that, I didn’t bring the $5 off $50 coupon code to print out. Yeah. Doh.

boneless california (?) chuck roast $10.29
pork tenderloin $8.78
NY Strip steaks $16.23
chicken breast $8.95
chicken breast $7.30
4 jars of pure tomato sauce (tomato’s and salt, thats it for ingredients, 24 oz) $1.25 each
bananas $1.31
2 strawberries $2.98
french bread (still warm, the smell!) $1.29
loaf of texas toast bread $2.79

Grand total $64.92.

Fine, that still gave me $10 to get milk and produce, right?

Publix is the next stop (its Friday, Hubby flies home this evening, so I was on a mission)

2 pkgs of english muffins $3.99
1 gallon milk $3.85

Grand total $7.84

Hey, look, I still have money left! Woohoo. NOT.

Saturday morning I wake up. My hands are just killing me … and I’m crabby, miserable, sad, borderline weepy. Just blah.

Go to Aldi’s for a FEW things. Seriously, I have a list. Not sugar stuff. Bagels. I wanted to check the price of eggs.

2 ketchups (I’m OUT) $1.19 each
5 cans of chili beans 55 cents each
1 can of pinto beans (thought it was chili) 59 cents
2 jars of banana peppers $1.19 each
1 bag of flour $1.49
10 inch burrito (10) $1.99
wet wipes $1.39
2 pkgs of qtips (OUT) $1.39 each
2 pkgs of chocolate covered peanuts 99 cens each
not really sugar x 2 $1.19
head of cauliflower 99 cents
6 cans of tomato paste 39 cents each
2 dozen large eggs $1.39 each
low fat cottage cheese 99 cents each (um, this was a GREAT deal)
32 oz vanilla yogurt $1.99
2 cans cut green beans 59 cents each
4 cans of tomato juice $1.29 each
1 8 oz container fresh salsa $1.99 (it’s the garlic artichoke Aldi one, delicious)
4 cans of crushed tomatoes 89 cents each
24 oz jar of traditional pasta sauce $1.19
2 boxes of tissues $1.29 each
bag of tortilla chips $1.19
gallon of 2% milk $2.69
2 bags of flat leaf spinach $1.79
a spiral sliced ham $7.84 (only reason I bought was $5 off making it less than $1 per pound)
corn chips $1.29
bagels $1.49
2 hess avocados 79 cents each

Grand total? $67.82

That Aldi trip? That took out week 3 of the grocery money. Yeah. Uh huh. So NO shopping this week and already, I see I forgot to get cat food and litter, I will need salad greens before much longer …. ack.

AND then … Saturday Hubby wanted to run to Home Depot so I went along. Not because I like Home Depot (can’t stand the place) but to just spend time with him. Then we stopped at Publix (seriously????)

large jar of olives $4.59
jar of baby dill pickles $2.99
2 cans of corn beef has ::gag:: $2 each
2 containers laughing cow cheese wedges (new flavors!) $2.70 each
green peppers $1.80
jalapenos 44 cents
bag of corn chips $3.49
dozen eggs $2.19 (but FREE after buying the corn beef hash)

Grand total? $22.71. The cashier was like “oh, hey, you did good” I’m like huh? What the heck do you mean?? All this stuff is stuff that I either bought ALREADY, we have in the pantry OR I could of bought for half the price at Aldis. Uggg.

All in all? This weekend was and EXCESSIVE weekend and there is NO grocery shopping for the next week.

Linking up with GCC Shopping Roundup … apparently I’m not the only one over budget!

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