I love me some fresh herbs. As in, cut them right off the plant and start munching.

Ok, not quite like that … but you get the picture.

I’ve got a few tips today:

Green Onions – Slice off the rooty part and stick in a glass of water. You will be supplied with at least a month long supply … just cut off the green shoots as needed (or to keep control of them, they will get carried away without attention to trimming). Make sure to change the water out every few days.

Cilantro/Parsley/Basil – I buy these rather large size pots at Publix every 3 months or so. They cost $3.99 each. IF I’m smart, I will use them for the filler to get me to $50 when I have that $5 off $50 coupon and nothing I want or need. These last me for about 3 months if not longer too. My only problem is remembering to water them and keep them out of the direct sunlight during the summer months. No, I do NOT plant them in the garden. I’ve got a dirt phobia when it comes to herbs, and don’t like the undersides getting splashed with dirt when it rains or sprinklers come on.  Cut these at least weekly and then wrap the cut pieces in a damp papertowel (keep herbs separated) and then stash in a ziploc bag. I do not close the bag all the way, maybe 3/4’s of the way. Then toss in the fridge and you’ve got some nice, crisp herbs to top dinner, salads, etc.

Use scissors to cut herbs and green onions. Makes life so much easier and if you are smart, you already have a pair of kitchen shears in the drawer!  I personally have 4 now as I keep picking them up. No, they are the expensive cutlery ones … just regular scissors that I’ve picked up at the store and then turned designated them for kitchen duties. My last pair came from the dollar store and I keep thinking I need to go buy a couple more pairs as they are much nicer than the Target ones. Who would have thought?

So there you have my tips for freshness on a few things.  Works for Me!

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2 thoughts on “Freshness

  1. Great suggestions! I will have to try both!


  2. Hey Anne, let me know what you try and how it works for YOU? I love the green onions … used to plant the roots in dirt outside but the glass on windowsill is SO much nicer!


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