Making Do and Doing It Yourself

Yes. That is my new motto.

At least, I keep telling myself that!

So. What am I making do with and doing myself, you ask?

Facial cloths … makeup remover pads, just plain ole face wash.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup. Mascara, eye liner, eye shadow once every few weeks. You know, basic stuff. No foundation, blush, primer, all that other stuff. That would just consume too much of my morning routine and heck, I dont’ know how to use that stuff anyways.

But I do wash my face. Every morning. And every night. And sometimes at lunch. Not that I have oily or dirty skin, just like the feeling of a nice clean face. Makes me feel refreshed.


I do NOT buy those make up remover pads, or the face wash cloths. I DO buy baby wipes and will use them on my face and neck immediately AFTER working out (just because, I can’t stand sweat and hair on my face ::shudder::).  But when I saw this and this, I thought, hey, this would be a good experiment to try for the morning washing of the face. Heh.

I even decided to do this at 7:55am on Thursday morning, when I leave the house by 8:30am to go to work. That tell you how easy it was??

The oil is NOT just for cooking, I use it on my hands, feet, hair, you name it!

3 sheets of paper towel. I use Kirkland (Costco) brand and it’s large, 13 1/2 by 11 inches. Nice and thick, cushy stuff. I highly recommend it.
1 tsp coconut oil (solid form is fine, or liquid, whichever)
1 tsp of baby wash
1 cup warm tap water.
Smallish container, be it an old baby wipe container or Rubbermaid bowl with tight lid.

Cut the 3 sheets of paper towel to quarters. Fold them each in half and alternate the way the fold side is facing (1 towards you, other facing away).

Dump water, oil and wash into the container. Mix well.

Just a little glob of coconut oil

Place stack of papertowl into dish and press down. They will soak up the liquid.

To use, pull one out, squeeze a little to get excess liquid off and wash away.

I love this!! So very much!  It has a nice smell and is not oily or drying at all!

What do YOU see? The purple polish is NOT holding up as well as I had hoped

Linking up with Frugal Fridays!

Next time I will use my favorite face wash stuff, just a tsp and see how it works.

A few notes: 

Some sites say to just cut a whole paper towel roll in half. That is too much for me. Plus there are reports of problems with mold. Ummm, I do live in paradise, but that also entails 100% humidity 99% of the time, so I said no, I’m making this in small batches, which is why you see only 1 cup of water as opposed to 4 and so on.

Also, I’m not so sure I’d use CHEAP paper towel. It needs to be something that has the ability to hold the liquid. If you get cheap stuff, it’s gonna fall apart on you the minute you pull it out of the container. And that would just be irritating and wasteful (just saying).

I had bought the baby wash for something else and was APPALLED that a little tiny travel size bottle cost $1.29. Holy crap! IF you don’t have a baby and/or that stuff, just use your favorite liquid face wash, or even body wash if you want. It’s a small amount so I don’t think there should be any concerns.

Go ahead, give it a try and let me know how it works?

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1 thought on “Making Do and Doing It Yourself

  1. Awesome idea! Thanks for the tip.


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