Menu Plan Monday, Week 4

Week 4 of the New Year. Heh. What do you make of that? Time sure does fly!

Anyways … this is going to be an EASY week as Hubby will be in Detroit Monday and returning on Thursday. Can you say Nachos and Steak Salad on a daily basis?

Nah. I can’t do that … although I’d like to! Since I’m hoping to make it to class 3 times this week, I won’t be home until 8ish those nights (unless I get to the 5:30 class instead) … so a lot of these might be swapped for the Smoothie and then just eat the dinner ideas for lunch at work …

Sunday – Hubby’s choice (which ended up being leftovers due to an emergency vet visit .. farewell Gman – the party continues for you elsewhere)

Monday – Chicken Pasta Cesar Salad … Hubby was kind enough to cook up some extra chicken breast for me on Saturday

Tuesday – Chili (leftovers from the freezer)

Wednesday – Steak stirfry (using the pre-cooked steak and veggies from freezer and maybe some of the rice too)

Thursday – Hubby home! Subs baby!

Friday – Pizzas … I’ve got 4 Amy’s frozen pizzas in the freezer taking up a LOT of space. 2 mushroom trios and 2 margherita (ah, only 3, forgot gave 1 to my g/f one night when she was feeling icky and blah) … Tonight and Saturday could be swapped out depending on our entertainment plans

Saturday – Grilled chicken with roasted veggies on the side

Hubby actually asked if I had a Costco trip planned anytime soon as he’s getting low on a few things that I buy there. Vitamins, protein bars, etc. And as a matter of fact, YES I’ve been wanting to go but putting it off to be able to optimize the trip to its fullest extent (produce bought when others besides ME are home to eat them, and such). So keep an eye out for the Costco list and the end results this week.

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday. Go check it out!

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