Grocery Round Up

Well, here’s how I did at the grocery store THIS week:

Publix (Monday), needed milk and coffee cream. How is that I got more?
1 qt milk $1.85 (to tide us over til Costco trip)
2 small international coffee creamers $1.67 each (seriously, not a flavored coffee person at all)
1.5 lbs of fried chicken tenders @ deli $8.67 (doh, I had a $1 off coupon and forgot to use!)
8 oz deli potato salad $2.99 (had thought it was $1.99)
Grand total $17.52

And then … well, I needed to get to Costco. I had a list, cash, my coupon booklet AND the American Express card since I was getting gas too ($3.35 per gallon for regular, GREAT DEAL!) … ummm … yeah, it’s ugly. But in keeping it real, here you go:

Butter Lettuce $4.59 (I’m hoping to make chicken lettuce wraps next week)
*Romaine lettuce $4.29
*Organic spinach $3.99
*2 2 lb packages of deli thin turkey $8.39 each plus $2.25 off each $6.14 each which is $3/lb)
3 dozen xlarge eggs $3.69 (price is down again!)
large bag of baking soda#5.99
30 piece rubbermaid food storage set $29.99 less $4 (so totally do NOT need)
7 lbs (give or take) of b/s chicken breast $19.55 less $4
pork chops $13.99 less $3
2 starbucks 12pk frappachinos $13.99 less $3 each
2 24 pk muscle milk (1 vanilla 1 chocolate) $29.99 each less $6 each
Tortilla strips (chips) $4.29
3 Oh Yeah protein bars (12 pk) $13.99 less 3 each ($10.99 for these is a good price)
Ziploc combo pkg $10.49 less $2
acid reduction (2 pk) $8.89
*MegaRed x 2 $19.99 less $5
36 count Welch fruit snacks $10.59
*mini peppers $4.29
*black forest ham $5.83
18 ct pure protein bars $17.69
2 pkgs of softsoap (bar form, pomegranate and mango … smells so GOOD) $7.99 each
pico degallo $5.49 (tomatoes looked like crap)
veggie chip variety pack $9.49 less $2.50
*half & half $3.29
*2 gallons 2% milk $3.45 each
92 count tampax $13.99 less $3
96 count always $12.99 less $2.50
6 pk basmati ready made rice x 3 $5.97 (these were a BIG hit with Princess and made dinners a LOT easier … this price is lower than I paid originally too!)
Lubriderm lotion (2 pk and smaller bottle) $13.99

Eh. 90% of that stuff was NOT on my list. Like holy cow! What am I going to do?? Ummm….thinking of a complete stop on grocery shopping for February.

Grand total? $384.84. But hey, I saved $63.50. Good lord. Someone shoot me, scold me, tell me this is WRONG.  Whatever. It’s food that we will eat, health and beauty that we will use. Even though it’s more than I budget for the MONTH. Ack. Bad bad bad.

The *? That’s what was on my list! I did put stuff back, and I also skipped some things that I would normally buy. I showed SOME restraint. Ha. I know. Don’t tell me.

Shamefully linking up with GCC Shopping Round Up.

9 thoughts on “Grocery Round Up

  1. I stopped shopping at Cost Co, Sam's Club, etc because I spent too much on \”bargains\”. I can do better with my list at the local stores.


  2. I am totally loving your shopping list. I'm going to start blogging mine too, as soon as it's grocery time again.


  3. Hi Lynda, yes, I do realize that there are better deals IF at the grocery store, but it doesn't seem like much these days … coupons are crappy and the sale items are just blah. If I could just STICK WITH THE LIST it wouldn't be so very bad … half the battle!


  4. I like to see what others are buying and the cost of such – did you get the broom closet stuff squared away or not??


  5. There are only a couple of things I buy at Sam's Club. We do not have a Costco in our area (yet, one is being built) I buy butter at Sam's club because the price can not be beat. Dog food too. They have a huge bag of really good dog food (our vet tipped us off to this) for under $40.00 for a 50 pound bag. As we have 4 dogs I appreciate the savings. I do not walk through the store. Too much of a chance I will get things I do not need. I take cash. We do go on a Sat. with my grandsons and get their 'hot dog' deal while we are there. The boys love it and the ice cream. Grandma can treat 2 boys to a wonderful treat and not break her bank. The boys also help me carry the load in.


  6. I make a list for Sam's and go straight to those items and to the checkout. It is very dangerous for me to walk the store. I feel better about paying 3.12 for gas this AM. I was bummed because it has been 2.97.


  7. Roxie, that is a great ideas for a frugal outing with the grandkids! On a Saturday no less! YIKES 🙂 Yes, butter has been considerably cheaper, as are the eggs, but the milk has been slowly creeping up, only 45 cents cheaper at the moment, as opposed to over $1 before. Make sure you check out Costco, I personally like it better than Sams but maybe because it's closer and I know the layout of the store?


  8. wow…your gas is CHEAP (where you located??) … it's true, make a beeline, no browsing … I had thought I could do it but apparently I have NO willpower. 😦


  9. Upstate SC. We have some of the cheapest gas in the US and I am always shocked at what others pay.


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