Conserving Ink

*This is a reprint of a post I did a few months ago and just a friendly reminder that YES YOU CAN save on ink …

I’m fortunate in that one of the attorney’s in my office has asked if I’d like to do a little side work for him at home.

Sure! It’s the Holidays approaching, Sonny Boy is in school, extra rent being paid for him, plus his ordinary living expenses (trust me, he’s NOT living high on the hog by any means!), real estate taxes coming due and so on.

So I am getting about $400.00 extra a month at the moment doing searches and reports for him.

Of course, it’s a LOT of printing so I’m thinking I should look into a new printer. He’s offered to buy me a new printer, which I just sort of looked at him like, “Huh? Why would you do that??” Really, that’s too generous and I will not allow that. Sorry, my friend.

Then I started to notice these “XL” ink cartridges first. You know, the ones that say “Up to 3 X More Pages”?

I’ve priced them and they are a little over twice the regular price. So really, besides the fact that it’s less timing to swap them out when they run empty, less waste, not a whole lot of savings though as I can’t say for SURE that’s it 3 times more ink.

Hmmm. Monetarily, not a GREAT bargain. But less waste and less time? Yeah, worth it. $14.99 for a regular ink cartridge, or buy a 2 pack for $29.99 or buy the XL for $35.99.

BUT to make things even better, I’ve finally, FINALLY figured out how to print in black only and bypass the color! Want to know how?

Go to your start button and select printers.

Right click on the printer and select printing options.

Click for fast draft printing and then there should be another selection under color options where you can click for black ink only (typically in the gray scale area).

SAVE this option as a default and there you have it. I saved mine as CG … of course, the initials of the attorney =D.

Of course, every printer is different, but holy ink Batman, this works for me! Now if I could just figure out why I lost my wireless connection … that’s my next project!

Linking up with Frugal Fridays!

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