Friday Night Happy Hour

Ok. I’ll be perfectly honest, I needed a Happy Hour Friday, trust me. What a week. My dad was back in the hospital yesterday for what he says is a stroke, my brother says its a stroke, but the nurse says NO stroke. TIA. Kind of like a stroke, but not as damaging. Whatever. I hate being so far away and not quite on the same wave length as the brother and wife.

Regardless, it’s FRIDAY!

I’m having Bud Light. No big deal, actually, I’m a little surprised at myself, thinking I’d crack open a bottle of wine or something but remembered, I’m putting myself on a very limited grocery budget for February so need to conserve the wine (don’t ask about the reasoning….it will come out eventually, I’m certain of it…before February 28th.

But the beer is not what I’m so excited about.

I’m excited about the hors d’oeuvres. I’ve prepared (and waiting not so very patiently for Hubby to get home from the gym, clean up and join ME)

Chicken and apple hot dogs, sauteed in fry pan and then sliced and tossed in crock pot to keep warm
Chicken and pineapple hot dogs, sauteed in fry pan and then sliced and tossed in crock pot to keep warm (I’m really wishing I could tell which is which just by looking, Hubby is NOT a fan of pineapple)

Sliced summer sausage
Sliced Gouda cheese
Sliced smoked cheddar cheese
all arranged on a platter with these yummy gluten free crackers (surprise, they are delicious!)

And then, Nancy’s mini quiche. Oh yum yum yum.

Not a feast by any means, but certainly, will do for us this evening! Princess is here to join us (and she’s of age now) and I believe a friend of ours is coming over as his wife is out of town.

So what did YOU do for Happy Hour Friday?

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