Menu Plan Monday – Week 5

There are SO many recipes I want to try … I’ve started creating a folder for each month to bookmark what I want to try when just to try and keep them in some kind of order. I have a serious love/hate relationship with Pinterest lately … way too many things to try!

But alas, reality sets in and I realize that even though I’m a fairly accomplished cook (so I tell myself), there are still some things that are just beyond even MY skills :-\ … not to mention, I’m not all about the food being pretty, although I am starting to get a little more focused on that end (started with that green smoothie thing with nutella) …

AND then you have February’s challenge. I am having such a difficult time with the Year of Zero, like seriously, lets just call it the Year of Excess at this point (ok, not that bad, but bad enough for me to feel like a complete failure, 29 days in) … and even though I’ve got a fairly well stocked pantry and 3 stuffed freezers, I know that I do not have any sweet chili sauce or any oranges, apples, fresh bananas, and I’m only giving myself $20.00 dollars a week for milk and produce. WHAT? Yeah. TWENTY DOLLARS. That trip from Costco should buy me 2 weeks, so really, could say $40 for 2 weeks, but I’m not.

So…let’s see … what is on the menu plan THIS exciting week then?

Sunday – Chicken Kiev … I’m really excited to make this! Change of plans ALREADY – Hubby made red sauce so we had pasta … I am still going to make this one day this week and swap something out.

Monday – I believe we will both be hitting the gym hard tonight so I’m planning on a Green Smoothie for me and Chicken and broccoli saute for Hubby

Tuesday – Chicken lettuce wraps

Wednesday – this would be our date night out but again, I think the gym is in the picture so I’m looking at a lovely cobb salad for all of us (hoping the avocado I have holds out)

Thursday – Either out or soup/salad or salad/sandwiches

Friday – Looking at doing a mock Olive Garden night with Garlic Tuscan Chicken and an Olive-y Garden salad (oh look, I have everything except a few ingredients, mainly cream, but will use half and half) … I even got a nice bottle of Chianti which hey, that leaves me with 4 bottles of wine and 3 bottles of champagne to get me through the month!

Saturday – Steaks, hopefully but really, letting Hubby choose. As always, Friday and Saturday nights are always interchangeable due to friends and Happy Hour!

What are you cooking this week?

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1 thought on “Menu Plan Monday – Week 5

  1. We have changes in plans on the menu all the time, too. Just had one tonight! The Tuscan garlic chicken looks good, I'll eat anything that involves pasta and a cream-based sauce.


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