Nails, and nail polish, manicures, all that girly stuff

Remember here, this picture, I was so bummed that I even mentioned the purple nailpolish not holding up as well as I’d hoped?

Well, since then, I’ve done a bright coral, and this week, it’s back to the purple.

I keep having to add another coat like every other night, (heck, the cheaper stuff constantly wears off the ends from typing, and being used as tools). The polish is thin and then it just doesn’t set right and I end up getting dings and smudges … which I HATE. So. I sprayed them with Pam.

89 cent polish at Walgreens a few weeks back …

Yes, I did. I sprayed Pam all over my nails. It works, not a smudge and super shiny!!

Excuse the ugly swollen hands, arthritis and lupus are NOT kind to hands
(I used to have long lovely fingers back in the day ::sign::)

Here’s how I did it:

Apply polish (in this case it was just another coat, otherwise, do the base, color and then top coat).

Shake can of Pam.

Remove lid.

Walk over to sink.

Place hand over sink, palm side down.

Spray each nail with a little squirt of Pam. Do not spray your whole hand/finger/body ok? Just the nail area.

I waited for about 15 minutes. I just set a towel on the countertop and put my hand palm side down and let the stuff sit on the nail (uh, I watched TV, the news, if you must know what I did for 15 minutes).

Rinsed the hand with cold water and dry.

Repeat with other hand.

Notes:  I don’t think 15 minutes was necessary but it’s what I used for the timing. Would I do this again? Uh, YES. It totally works! UPDATE: did this again with a fresh coat of polish and only waited 5 minutes. Nails were ok, but slightly ‘soft’ so I think 15 minutes is best. AND feel free to spray both hands and set at the same time.

Keep an eye out for a new hand scrub I’m getting ready to try and post … any one have any recommendations to reduce swelling in hands?

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10 thoughts on “Nails, and nail polish, manicures, all that girly stuff

  1. Interesting! I would have never thought of that. 🙂


  2. i know it sounds odd but it really does work! Since I've given up the manicures ::sniff:: I'm trying my best to make the at home ones work! (need to call MY hairdresser about partial highlights!)


  3. What a great idea. I just gave up wearing polish at all since I'm always using my nails as tools and I'm always cleaning. Just found your blog via KTT, Great stuff. I'm in Fl too.


  4. Ahhhh…come on Barbara, go dig out the nail polish and give it a try … I too gave up the stuff for awhile and then started again, and now it's my \”I feel pretty\” stuff, even at 48 (soon!) …


  5. I hope you will join my Famous Linkz Party tomorrow (Wed). I so loved what you shared last week!!-Heather@


  6. Yes Heather, I will be there!


  7. This is something I would never have thought of – great tip!!


  8. I used coconut oi on mine – works great!Blessings


  9. how do you apply coconut oil over nail polish? I would think that applying it would smudge the polish


  10. Wow thanks for this nice tip. Great discovery!


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