Menu Plan Monday – Week 7 – Traveling Week

This is going to be a funky week as far as menu planning goes … I leave on Wednesday and return on Monday bright and early … so here’s a few days worth and then suggestions for Hubby and Princess … they most likely will do a night out together and Hubby is not afraid to tackle the kitchen …

Great news in that I am rolling over $11 so there is $31 for the grocery budget this week (but of course, traveling will BLOW the remainder of budget). Will stop and pick up a loaf of bread, milk, cat food and some salad stuff.

Sunday – Chili (freezer) over mashed taters (the ore-ida frozen steam & mash stuff)

Monday – Salad (Hubby) and Green Smoothie (me)

Tuesday – leftover chicken and rice. I am well aware it’s Valentine’s Day, however, I fly out the following morning AND I’m probably going to hit the gym … unless Hubby request I come home for something special

Wednesday – Soup (canned, pantry) and sandwiches (need to get bread, lunch meat, cheese and other condiments in fridge).

Thursday – Chicken and veggie stir fry (will try to have it set up for him before I leave so he can just toss in a pan and heat)

Friday – going to suggest that the two of them do dinner before Princess heads out with friends

Saturday – knowing Hubby, he will most likely do yard and house stuff all day long and then do something on the grill (chicken or pork chops)

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