Easy in the Kitchen Hand Scrub

My hands have really been bothering me the past week or so. Not sure if it’s from all the housecleaning and cooking or if I’m coming into another flare. God please help me if it’s another flare … been awhile since I’ve had a bad one and this is starting to feel like it. Ironically, typing doesn’t make anything hurt more, but makes it more difficult (fingers swollen, don’t respond the way the should, etc.)

So I’m looking for something to make them feel better. Well, that, and I’m really missing the manicures (the hand massage was the BEST thing of whole process!) … and came across numerous hand scrubs using sugar or salt, and oil or whatever.

So I look in my pantry and see:

Baking Soda (score!)
Coconut Oil (double score!)

I get the coconut oil through Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil, 16 OunceAmazon Subscribe and Save program. So I currently have TWO … one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Because I’ve never cooked with it yet, the kitchen one is still sealed. So I had to get the one from the bathroom

Anyways. Here’s how I did it:

Took a teaspoon (flatware type) and did a scoop into the palm of my left hand. Poured about the same amount of baking soda into my palm with the oil. Mind you, the oil was in a solid form …

Started to rub the stuff between my two hands and the oil pretty much instantly liquefies. Then rubbed it all around the the outsides of my hands and midway up my forearms.

Oh, this went on for about 5 minutes, it felt SO good. Rubbing with that real slick stuff and just a right about of grainy mixture really made the blood start to flow and the skin tingly. The coconut smell from the oil soothed my mind and soul too …

Rinse with warm water and soap. Apply a light layer of lotion.

I couldn’t believe how soft my hands were, and they actually felt better for a little while.

This is going to become a ritual in the kitchen … I was thinking, MAN this would feel good on my feet too šŸ™‚

You could use any oil and any grainy type of thing, sugar, salt, etc. I just happen to love baking soda and have a big bag waiting to be opened!

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2 thoughts on “Easy in the Kitchen Hand Scrub

  1. I use sugar with honey! Because I find using oil'll be kinda messy sometimes LOL.


  2. I bet that feels great! Oh and I am so sorry your kitty is missing. She's gorgeous.


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