Menu Plan – Week 9

It’s Monday, and time to plan for the week! (I had to go look at the calendar … it really IS week 9!)

Hubby is traveling Monday and returning Thursday … and he has a big lunch meeting on Friday (will share details on this at a later date, change is GOOD!) … so it will be me, Princess (if she’s not working) and Kitty Kitty. Can you say EASY??

Seriously, would like to continue with the $20 a week challenge but feel Costco calling for a few items (paper towel, tp, salad stuff, spinach, milk, cheese, eggs, etc.), but the quick trip to the produce store on Saturday took care of the salad, spinach and egg issues as eggs were 98 cents for a dozen! So I’m thinking I can hold out a little longer and stay with my $20 challenge.

So here’s what I’m shooting for …
Sunday – Pizzas since it’s been a LONG time … I do have a few Kashi frozen pizzas in the freezer that we could doctor up if the desire to make the dough subsides (it will, I’m sure!)

Monday – aiming to hit the gym so looking at a Spinach Smoothie

Tuesday – again, hoping for the gym, early class, so a Spinach Smoothie. Although, I am thinking that I should make the dressing and grab the already cooked steak strips from the freezer and make my Evil Jungle salads for lunch this week …

Wednesday – Tacos (beef and ground turkey are in the freezer) salad or maybe just plain ole Nachos … never did make the week before 🙂

Thursday – Hubby back and looking to do a Chicken Stir Fry again only because I already have everything in house to make it …

Friday – In hopes that the meeting goes well for Hubby, planning to do chicken thighs (freezer) teriyaki and veggies on the grill (ummm, at the moment, it would only be onions as no peppers at the moment)

Saturday – Steaks (freezer) … and taters on the side if I break down and buy fresh, otherwise, would do some boxed scallops (we may have friends over which is ok, I’ve got 2 porterhouses, 2 ribeyes and 4 filet mignons in the freezer)

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